Natural or organic dental care toothpaste contains „alternative” ingredients, compared to usual ones. In my opinion it isn’t advantageous to choose a product using a chemical approach constituting of usual components like, parabens, polyethylene glycols, strong foaming surfactants, and sulphates.

The presence of which substances guarantees you safe and beneficial effects on oral mucosa and teeth.

-    The hydration and soothing of the oral cavity is supported by vegetable glycerine,

-    The essential oils from different types of mints and eucalyptus, vegetable menthol refreshes breath, but what’s even more important is, due to its antibacterial characteristics it can help reduce the number of harmful bacteria found in the mouth.

-    The baking soda helps kill bacteria found in the mouth, since it also has antibacterial effects, that affect the microorganisms in the oral cavity, and in addition to that it efficiently removes bio film caused by plaque. It is a safe and effective method of removing plaque and neutralizing the acids causing plaque formation in the oral cavity. It can do all this, without damaging the tooth’s enamel. It alkalizes, so it reduces tartar formation.

-    The herbal extracts- purple coneflower, thymes, myrrh, nigella, liquorice and mint take care of gums.

The different types of ingredients found in toothpastes can easily get absorbed through the gums, and each time you brush your teeth these substances enters your bloodstream, that is the reason why it is recommended to avoid synthetic ingredients, and rather choose natural toothpastes.

But don’t forget, that efficient tooth brushing techniques and use of dental floss are the backbones of oral hygiene, beside the use of proper toothpastes. It is especially important for those who have sensitive gums and/or gingivitis to regularly disinfect and monthly change toothbrushes.

BIOLA’s dental care cosmetics may ensure plaque free teeth, along with maintaining orderly gum conditions beside its pleasant taste and scent. It ensures fresh breath.


One of the most natural solutions in dental care is the biodynamic toothpaste. The tea tree- and mandarin peel essential oils provide proper oral hygiene and fresh breath, while the chamomile-, thyme-, lemon balm- and yam root extracts ensure healthy gum regeneration. Gently polishes teeth and minimizes plaque. This Biodynamic toothpaste is a natural solution and goes beyond organic toothpastes.

EVERYOUNG BIODYNAMIC SKIN CARE Organic Yam-Mandarin Kid's Gel Toothpaste

The most natural teeth cleaning gel. This Biodynamic dental and gum care gel is a natural solution, that goes beyond organic teeth cleaning gels. It is recommended for small children and people using homeopathic products. It is especially recommended for young children with baby teeth to gently clean and ensure proper oral hygiene of oral mucosa and teeth with its active ingredient content.


BIOLA Tea Tree OilToothpaste

This is a popular certified organic ingredient containing toothpaste. The eucalyptus and mint essential oils provide proper oral hygiene and promote long lasting fresh breath. The extract of purple coneflower, peppermint and chamomile help regenerate oral mucosa and gums. It gently polishes teeth and may reduce plaque and tartar development.