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29 Sep Three steps to a healthy, youthful complexion
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Three steps to a healthy, youthful complexion Face cleansing Restoring the skin’s pH balance Hydration These are the steps, that are indispensable from the skin’s health point of view and its importance can’t be emphasized enough. Let’s see how this looks like properly carried out, naturally, using a natural or organic cosmetic approach:- During..
28 Sep My skin is dry! What can be in the background?
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MY SKIN IS DRY! WHAT CAN BE IN THE BACKGROUND? As we age, our skin produces less and less oil, sebum, compared to when we were younger. These oils create an important lipid barrier, which protect skin from external harms of the outside world, and help retain moisture. Hormonal changes during menopause can result in drier skin and skin produces less..
28 Sep Men’s shaving secrets unveiled II.
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Men’s shaving secrets unveiled II.Shaving sounds easy, however if done improperly, can cause a painful experience, with cuts, ingrown hair, and with wrinkles added to our forties.Other than the fore mentioned reasons, washing your face prior to shaving can remove excess oil and dead skin cells that could clog razor blades. Warm water can not on..
28 Sep Winter challenge for sensitive, inflammation prone skin
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Winter challenge for sensitive, inflammation prone skinWinter means something different to all of us. A lot of people enjoy this season, the cold fresh air, and how you can cuddle and snuggle up at home after coming in from outdoors. At the same time, the cold bitter winter weather for others may cause suffering for those who have various skin prob..
26 Sep Organic, natural, bio?
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Organic, natural, bio?As healthy lifestyles become more popular, the demand for cosmetics made with natural ingredients grow. The time has passed, and synthetic unnatural ingredients containing chemically formulated, cosmetics have gone out of fashion, but luckily there are trustworthy alternatives to cheap mass products. However, do we know how to..
26 Sep Which natural sunscreen should I choose?
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If you’re looking for a more health supporting sunscreen, so you can bring the best decision for yourself and family? Then you came to the right place!  According to the analysis of the international market of sunscreen products, natural and organic/certified products dominate this summer, during sunbathing time! Several years in a row, there were ..
26 Sep How and why do berries and alga beautify skin?
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Berries are the power plants of healthy foods, that have beneficial effects on our hearts, digestion, in fact on our skin’s health as well, and we can generally say that they block the negative effects of the ageing processes.Why does our skin like it?All berry fruits have plenty of Vitamin C that is a key important vitamin for our organism. A supe..
21 Sep Characteristics of natural toothpastes II.
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Natural or organic dental care toothpaste contains „alternative” ingredients, compared to usual ones. In my opinion it isn’t advantageous to choose a product using a chemical approach constituting of usual components like, parabens, polyethylene glycols, strong foaming surfactants, and sulphates.The presence of which substances guarantees you safe ..
11 Nov Holiday
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Dear Customers,We have a winter holiday between the 21st of December in 2021 and the 5th of January in 2022.That is why we are out of office at this time.Thank you for your understanding and we wish you a happy new year!Best regards,BIOLA Organic Cosmetics Ltd...
24 Jun Sunscreen lotions made by natural and organic ingredients.
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We have first class expertise in the development and manufacturing of sunscreen lotions. These products made by natural and organic ingredients. Please take a closer look on the following products if you need a good SPF in an environmental conscious way...
07 Oct Discount Featured Sales
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Dear Customers, Please check our winter special Discount Featured Sales: The best available deals of the forthcoming months and perfect gifts for your loved ones are all available directly from the webshop of the Manufacturer. Best regards ,BIOLA Organic Cosmetics Ltd...
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