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Model: BIOLA951EN150
This is the gentle hair wash of normal and dry/broken hair types. The hop and agrimony herbs together with Vitamins B3 and B5 help the formation of healthy hair and the development of proper hygienic scalp condition. Also suitable for colored hair.Application: Spread 30-50 cm3 of foam to the moistur..
13.47 €
Model: BIOLA513EN1000
Special ingredient formula with especially mild surfactants effectively cleanses and softens even the sesitive skin. Aloe gel and macadamia nut oil combined with hydrating plant glycerine help maintain healthy skin balance and make your skin feeling refreshed. Allantoin and pine ..
35.16 €
Birch & Chamomile Shampoo Foam (66%+ Demeter) - 150 ml
Model: OLYS949EN150
This is the gentle hair wash of normal and slightly oily hair types. The birch, nettle, chamomile, coneflower herbal extracts together with green mandarin essential oil help the formation of healthy hair and the development of proper hygienic scalp condition. Also suitable for colored hair. In case ..
17.51 €
Model: BIOLA563EN200
WITH 77% INGREDIENTS FROM ORGANIC FARMINGGentle skin cleansing baby bath; it is made of vitamins E and B5 as well as of herbal extracts; they support skin regeneration and hair building. It contains extracts of fennel, calendula and coneflower as well as skin nourishing jojoba oil.Application: Evenl..
14.01 €
Chamomile Baby Bath (66%+ Demeter) - 150 ml
Model: OLYS901EN150
This product gently cleans the baby skin and can be used even from early infant sensitive age.Application: 2 ml/5 L bathing water. After the bath rinse off with luke warm water the baby’s skin. INGREDIENTS (INCI): CUCURBITA PEPO FR. JUICE**, CHAMOMILLA RECUTITA FL. EXTR.**, AQUA, COCO GLUCOSIDE..
15.04 €
Citrus-Fresh Deodorant (66%+ Demeter) - 100 ml
Model: OLYS920EN100
Deodorant body spray for long lasting freshness. Tea tree, eucalyptus, lemon balm and lemon essential oils help maintain healthy, hygienic and deodorised skin. The yam root, chamomile and sage extracts and allantoin help support skin regeneration.Application: Spray 2-3 pumps worth onto desired body ..
17.55 €
Cocoa Butter-Yam Nourishing Sunscreen (66%+ Demeter) SPF 10 - 75 ml
Model: OLYS918EN75
For already tanned skin which is used to sun exposure. It can be used for your body and also for your face on top of your regular day cream. It contains antioxidants which protect the skin from sun damage and premature ageing.Application: Before going in the sun, apply a thin layer to exposed skin (..
22.80 €
Herbal Liquid Soap  - 300 ml
Model: OLYS923EN300
Gently and effectively cleans even the sensitive skin types using skin friendly sugar tensides. The yarrow and licorice extracts help maintain the healthy balance of the skin with hydrating vegetable glycerin, so it results in smooth skin feeling. The allantoin and essential oils of lemon grass and ..
19.01 €
Model: BIOLA820EN150
It is a gentle and effective certified organic skin cleansing baby bath. It is made with herb extracts and vitamins both of which contribute to skin and hair regeneration. It contains Jerusalem artichoke, coneflower and lavender extracts as well as skin nourishing jojoba oil.Application: pour 2-3 ml..
12.34 €
Mandarine-Ylang-Ylang Sensual Shower Gel (66%+ Demeter) - 150 ml
Model: OLYS915EN150
It uses gentle sugar tensides to clean effectively clean even the most sensitive skin. The biodynamic jojoba oil and wheat extracts nourish your skin and help it become smooth and fresh. Biodynamic chamomile, cornflower and lemon balm ensure proper skin hygiene.Application: Apply a 4-8 cm3 sized amo..
17.30 €
Mint & Tamanu Shaving Foam (66%+ Demeter) - 50 ml
Model: OLYS948EN50
Even men with sensitive skin can shave with it with joy!With skin-friendly glucoside surfactants, it properly softens the hairs, using pumped and propellant-free foaming. Mint, eucalyptus and vetiver essential oils as well as menthol help to maintain a hygienic skin condition and to create a fresh s..
15.76 €
Model: BIOLA919EN150
This shampoo, is recommended for thorough cleaning of oily hair and scalp. It is made with active ingredients which are well known for their hair oiliness reducing effects together with Italian strawflower-, palmarosa- and cedar essential oils as well as Vitamin B5.Application: Spread 30-50 cm3 of f..
14.93 €
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