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Privacy policy

Dear Visitor,


According to the Hungarian data protection regulations, our privacy policy is the following:


1.         Data management: BIOLA Organic Cosmetics Ltd.


2.         Purpose of data management: Our company avoids collecting and storing excessive data. We only use your personal data if it is needed to fulfil your requests for ex: purchase orders or for making and sending multiple business offers and product information materials.

2.1.      If you give your personal data for the above-mentioned purposes, we will consider it as your (consent statement) for accepting and implementing our data management and privacy policy.


3.         Website and web shop: We use “cookies” to improve our operational efficiency. 

3.1.      We also use visitor statistics and search results to improve our effectiveness.


4.         Data security: We strive for the best available security in our data management and computer systems.

4.1.      Developer of our corporate management system (Eurostone): SW Studio Ltd. 

4.2.      Developer and admin of our website:


5.         External service providers: We will not give your data to third party, except in those cases when they are our subcontractors to fulfil your requests. In these cases, the subcontractors are not allowed to use it for different purposes or to store it longer than required by law or forward it to other people.


6.         Data Waiver Directive: We will delete unused data within one year after the last used, except for billing and delivery information which must be stored for a longer period due to accounting and financial regulations.


7.         Request information or objection against the handling of personal data

7.1.      Data inquiry and data delete requests: info (at) biola (dot) hu

7.2.      We can only delete a data within five days of the data delete request, if this data doesn’t have a compulsory storage time defined in legislations.

7.3.      If an unused data has expired compulsory storage time we automatically delete it.


8.         Supervisory body and legal remedy: Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information

8.1.      ID number of our promotional game participation database: always updated when a new promotional game is out.

8.2.      ID number of our newsletter subscription database: NAIH-139875/2018

8.3.      Contact information of Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information:,--kapcsolat.html 

8.4.      We strive for cooperation, however if it doesn’t solve your complaint turn to:


By filling out and sending in the skin type test I accept, the valid Data Protection Statement of ( data controller sends customized product information offer newsletters to users.

Applicable law:


9. I acknowledge, that BIOLA Organic Cosmetics Ltd. (8. Szivárvány Str., Kecskemét, 6000) data controller of and user database stored following personal data will be forwarded to OTP Mobil Kft., as a data processor. The following data sphere is forwarded by the data controller: data required for a financial settlement of purchase transaction: ex: the total amount of a purchase order, customer’s billing information for customer identification: ex: name. The nature and purpose of data processing activity can be found int he SimplePay Data Management Information Sheet at the link below:


Kecskemét, 2022.09.26.



Dr. Viola Gyovai, CEO.

BIOLA Organic Cosmetics Ltd.