In our products there are very high amount of active ingredients with complex (many special herbs and natural ingredients) and effective formulas. Customer satisfaction is very high more than 95 % of them are returning customers.   A significant key point of the growth of our business is their propagation.


We use the modern scientific expertise and the traditional herbal knowledge from naturopathy.


Products are made with special care like "handmade" type products. CEO Dr. Viola Gyovai is biologist.

·         We are a family owned company and we manufacture natural furthermore certified organic and biodynamic cosmetic products. Made in EU.

·         We strive for perfection in our continuous product development and aftersales support.

·         We started product development in 1990 and from 2006 we are producing and distributing certified organic cosmetic products.

·         We manufacture Demeter International e. V. certified biodynamic cosmetic products since 2009. 

“BIOLA Story”


Our mission:

We are dedicated to give people the very best of

Nature’s beautifying and healing power!


Our company's predecessor was founded in 1990, since 2011 under name BIOLA Organic Cosmetics Ltd. we develop and manufacture cosmetics and personal care products.

The head of the company Dr. Viola Gyovai, biologist, and candidate of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences develops cosmetics since 1985. Combining science and traditional beauty care we support the conscious health preservation of the people, nature and the environment.


Dr. Viola Gyovai so tells you about the beginning:
My father, in my childhood, told many stories about the herbs' wonders. I listened intently the way in which he was speaking with special respect for nature.

That was when my vocation began and

I felt that my definite chief aim should be the application of the

 herbs and nature’s gifts in dermatology and beauty care!


My first astonishment:
With the use of my first facial cosmetic product gift, step by step the whole surface of my face inflamed. During the next three months I went to see a beauty therapist, dermatologist, but my skin condition did not change. My face became a battlefield of deep inflammatory processes.
Is there any natural solution? I asked myself, and then I turned for help toward the beautifying power of the herbs.
After a month, the result was obvious, and after that I decided that I help to reach this miracle for others too.

After completing the biology degree at the University of Science became my dear hobby the development of cosmetic active ingredient compositions and product receptions.
Throughout my doctoral dissertation, I read many surprising professional experiments on cosmetic ingredients. At this point I realized that all new wonders of chemistry are not worth to use in skin care products. In addition, it became clear to me that during the product development it is important to consider the long-term dermatological, toxicological results of the active ingredients as well as the experience of the millennial, traditional naturopathy.

Studying the criteria systems of the natural and organic cosmetics, I had to come to realize that there are serious reasons why substances should be avoided in the development of skin care products from toxicological and skin physiological point of view and not to mention, - to protect our environment. At this point I became convinced that I want to give people the very best and the most natural and cleanest active ingredients of herbs they could have in order to keep their healthy skin conditions or restore them if necessary. I would like to do all this with the enthusiasm and the good intentions that I have inherited from my father, for which I will always be grateful.

We have gathered committed and enthusiastic team around us; bio raw material producer farmers, ecologically conscious beauty care product manufacturer colleagues, and eco-friendly dealers, who contribute almost, like a family to our common goals.

We are all dedicated to give people the very best of Nature’s beautifying and healing power!