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Terms of shipping – Sales contract – General Terms and Conditions


I. Information about the seller: 

BIOLA Organic Cosmetics Ltd. 

Delivery address: BIOLA Organic Cosmetics Ltd. H-6000 Kecskemét, Matkói út 24. Hungary

Billing address: BIOLA Organic Cosmetics Ltd. H-6000 Kecskemét, Szivárvány u. 8. Hungary

CEO: Dr. Mrs. Viola Gyovai

EU VAT Number: HU-14038675

PayPal payment system account ID of our company: paypal (at) biola (dot) hu 

Company registry number: 03-09-115021, 

Tax number: 14038675-2-03, 

Tel/fax: +36-76-497-007, 

E-mail: info (at) biola (dot) hu

Central English website and webshop: 

Central Hungarian website and webshop: 

II. General terms and conditions


It is not necessary to make a registration on our site to be able to look through our online store, however if you wish to submit an order you have to previously – only once – fill in the registration form.

Upon making the registration on our site the Customer at the same time admits the knowledge of these information hereby present in this General Terms and Conditions and accepts them as legally binding. 

The contract made electronically between the Parties is considered a legal statement in the form of implied conduct. The documents of the contract are the purchasing offer of the Buyer (order) and the confirmation of the Supplier. 

We consider incorrect registrations, or registrations with missing information as invalid in all cases. 

Customers can modify or alter their registered information every time after logging in to our store under: “Account Settings”. 



The price of all products represented in our online store includes VAT and valid using parcel delivery (through online ordering). 

Ordering process:

You can put the chosen product into the shopping basket after entering the required number of the chosen products by clicking on the button. After clicking on the Basket button the selected item is going to be put into “Your shopping basket”, where the number of chosen products can be changed using the +/- buttons any time. The quantity of products can also be modified in the detailed basket. The contents of the basket can be modified until the moment of submission. The order can be submitted using the detailed shopping basket. 

Confirmation of order:

Soon after finishing the order process the staff of BIOLA Organic Cosmetics Ltd. is going to contact you.  

Minimum order value:

Minimum order value: there is no minimum order value.

Terms of shipping

European Union deliveries only

Free delivery for orders exceeding 350 EUR

15.00 Euro delivery charges apply for orders under 350 EUR


If you submit multiple orders right after each other and would like to receive them in one delivery, please indicate the number of previous order(s) every time! We handle and fulfil every received valid order separately! 

We can only combine orders in case you indicate and request this fact in the “Remark” field by clearly stating which orders should be combined by us. 

The scope of contract:

The contract can come into effect with the validation, confirmation of the order if the customer has previously made registration in the online store without any errors and shall be closed by a successful delivery. 

The contract shall be considered invalid in case the registration by the customer contains missing information or such a request is indicated in the “Remark” field which cannot be fulfilled. 

In order to avoid any abuse BIOLA Organic Cosmetics Ltd. upholds the right to provide the service subject to certain conditions (E.g. pre-payment) or to deny fulfilment of orders submitted by such customers who do not comply with sales contract conditions. 

Warranty, waiver: 

All customers are entitled to warranty according to the Hungarian Civil Code regulation. We take full responsibility for performance failures! Upon compiling the packages for delivery we check twice the products mentioned on the invoice and the ones to be put into the parcel. During the second checking we count every item separately again and mention the number of pieces on the order sheets. We follow all relevant rules of the Hungarian Civil Code and the No. 49/2003. (VII.30.) order of the Hungarian Ministry of Economy and Transportation regarding the liability of vendors. In case of products with increased microbiological sensibility – natural and organic ones – we only accept any complaints or remarks within 24 hours of shipment receipt by the customers. 

In case of product return by postal services we are going to reimburse the total value of the returned goods within 15 working days after receipt by us to the given bank account of the customer or by postal cheque. The Supplier is obliged to pay back the Customer the full value of the goods only if the mentioned products are returned in completely undamaged and fully packed condition (together with original invoice and/or documents). Supplier may ask for the reimbursement of any damage to the goods because of improper use. The reimbursement does not apply to shipping costs and the cost of product return shall be paid by the Customer. 

Protection of customer data: 

Hereby please be informed that we store your personal information only for contract fulfillment purposes and for possible future confirmation of the contract conditions. We do not give out your personal data to any third parties except if the third party is acting as our subcontractor during the fulfillment of the contract. In these cases however the subcontractors do not have the right to keep, use or to forward to other parties the personal information provided to them by our company. In case of handling of the customers’ personal information we comply with the European Union’s GDPR and Hungarian Data Protection Act.

Customer service:

If you might have a question, are in need of information or would like to make a complaint please kindly look for our customer service. For contacting our customer service please write to the following email address: info (at) biola (dot) hu

In case of any dispute (handling of complaints, claims, compensation, etc.) about the activities of our customer service you can seek the help of:

National Customer Protection Authority

Kecskemét Branch Office

Kecskemét Branch Office 

6000 Kecskemét, Deák F. tér 3.

6001 Kecskemét, Pf. 209.

Phone number: +36 76 481 405 

Fax number: +36 76 481 416


Online dispute resolution in the European Union:  

If you feel that the Supplier acted against the Hungarian Law: No. LVII. of 1996. regarding Unfair Market Behaviour and Ban on Restriction of Competition you can turn to:

Hungarian Competition Authority

Address: 1054 Budapest, Alkotmány u. 5.

Phone number: 1- 472-8900 

Handling of legal disputes between contracted parties:

Contracting parties agree that they wish to solve their possible disputes primarily by the way of negotiations and reconciliations. In case the parties cannot solve their disputes by negotiations they specify the jurisdiction of the Kecskemét Town Court (6000 Kecskemét, Rákóczi út 17-19.) in Hungary.

Force Majeure

1. Force Majeure is every extraordinary event that fall outside of Parties’ interest, cannot be foreseen for Parties and unavoidable and not the consequence of Parties’ incongruity or malpractice. Events such as war, uprising, riot, affray, boycott, limiting capacities caused by authorities, breakdown of current infrastructure or delays caused by these,  impossibility of gaining raw materials, natural disasters, catastrophes, fire, epidemic, quarantine and general strike or any emerging similar reasons outside of Parties’ interest.

2. The Party concerned is not liable for the attitude of the party default and the present Contract cannot be terminated due to the breach of the contract of the party concerned if the delay of performance or the non accomplishment of Contract is caused by Force Majeure event.

3. In case of Force Majeure the Party concerned is obliged to give written notice to the other Party as soon as possible after the occurrence of the cause relied on, full particulars and the anticipated duration thereof.

4. The Party concerned is obliged to continue the accomplishment of its obligations within a reasonable timeframe after the cessation of Force Majeure event.

5. Deadlines determined in the present Contract are prolonged by the duration of the Force Majeure event. Should this timeframe exceed sixty (60) days, any of the Parties can cancel the Contract in accordance with the rules of cancellation without notice stated in the present Contract.