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Brand: BIOLA Model: BIOLA951EN150
This is the gentle hair wash of normal and dry/broken hair types. The hop and agrimony herbs together with Vitamins B3 and B5 help the formation of healthy hair and the development of proper hygienic scalp condition. Also suitable for colored hair.Application: Spread 30-50 cm3 of foam to the moistur..
15.13 €
Brand: BIOLA Model: BIOLA513EN1000
Special ingredient formula with especially mild surfactants effectively cleanses and softens even the sesitive skin. Aloe gel and macadamia nut oil combined with hydrating plant glycerine help maintain healthy skin balance and make your skin feeling refreshed. Allantoin and pine ..
35.16 €
Brand: BIOLA Model: BIOLA563EN200
WITH 77% INGREDIENTS FROM ORGANIC FARMINGGentle skin cleansing baby bath; it is made of vitamins E and B5 as well as of herbal extracts; they support skin regeneration and hair building. It contains extracts of fennel, calendula and coneflower as well as skin nourishing jojoba oil.Application: Evenl..
14.80 €
Brand: BIOLA Model: BIOLA820EN150
It is a gentle and effective certified organic skin cleansing baby bath. It is made with herb extracts and vitamins both of which contribute to skin and hair regeneration. It contains Jerusalem artichoke, coneflower and lavender extracts as well as skin nourishing jojoba oil.Application: pour 2-3 ml..
12.42 €
Brand: BIOLA Model: BIOLA919EN150
This shampoo, is recommended for thorough cleaning of oily hair and scalp. It is made with active ingredients which are well known for their hair oiliness reducing effects together with Italian strawflower-, palmarosa- and cedar essential oils as well as Vitamin B5.Application: Spread 30-50 cm3 of f..
16.77 €
Brand: BIOLA Model: BIOLA856EN30
It is recommended for the skin care of rosacea affected skin. It can also be used as a mask treatment. It is made of extracts of ginkgo, acai, yellow sweet clover, rue and licorice extracts to help for the skin regeneration.Application: apply a moderately thick  layer to the target skin area. I..
39.31 €
Brand: BIOLA Model: BIOLA803EN50
This peeling cream exfoliates away dull dead cells from the skin’s surface. With its revitalising plant components it boosts the effect of post peeling creams. It is recommended to apply every 7-14 days to create a radiant and smoother to the touch skin on the face and décolletage.Application: massa..
12.95 €
Brand: BIOLA Model: BIOLA862EN50
A cream for the combination skin type and for the skin with large pores. It contains herbal extracts which support skin firming and restructuring; it can also be used as facial night cream.Application: apply a thin layer on the cleansed face skin.INGREDIENTS (INCI): AQUA, LINUM USITATISSIMUM SE..
32.72 €
Organic Aronia Time Control Moisturizing Gel  - 30...
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Brand: BIOLA Model: BIOLA515EN30
It is a special skin care product for the daytime with mattifying components. This complex hydrating gel contains a vast array of components which support  young looking and fresh skin feeling. Biotin, vitamins B3, B5, C and E, aronia and blue and green algae extracts with their free radical sc..
29.80 €
Brand: BIOLA Model: BIOLA503EN100
It is a hydrating bioactive complex for the sensitive skin to support skin regeneration on fully closed wounds or bruised skin. It nourishes the skin and helps maintain proper skin hygiene. Application: spray a thin layer onto your skin. Suitable for all skin types, it can be applied 2-3 times a da..
15.55 €
Brand: BIOLA Model: BIOLA849EN75
Complex hand care with the necessary herbal extracts and skin nourishing oils for the active skin regeneration. It contains vitamins B5, E and B3 plus allantoin as well as the extracts  of centella, marigold, yellow sweet clover and yarrow. The long lasting hydrated condition is supported ..
13.88 €
Brand: BIOLA Model: BIOLA531EN100
This cream contains allantoin, vitamins E and B5 as well the extracts of coneflower and yarrow; these two are known for their skin soothing and skin regenerating properties. The green wheat juice, which is rich in antioxidants, the vitamin B5, zinc oxide and beeswax are beneficially recommended in b..
9.60 €
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