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Organic Aronia Time Control Moisturizing Gel  - 30...
Label -20 %
Model: BIOLA515EN30
It is a special skin care product for the daytime with mattifying components. This complex hydrating gel contains a vast array of components which support  young looking and fresh skin feeling. Biotin, vitamins B3, B5, C and E, aronia and blue and green algae extracts with their free radical sc..
28.60 € 22.88 €
Organic Chia & Argan Age Defence Face Care Oil...
Label -20 %
Model: EVY032EN30
This face care oil contains a vast array of bioactive herbal oils which are easily absorbed; they also contribute to the radiantly beautiful appearance. It is made of skin regenerating and age defence agents of extracts of turmeric, sea buckthorn, marigold and golden rod. The skin nourishing oils of..
58.44 € 46.75 €
Organic Corallina Time Defence Balm (Dermatologica...
Label -20 %
Model: EVY031EN50
An easily absorbed daytime balm for the combination or slightly oil-deficient and dehydrated skin types. The beneficial skin nourishing oils of jojoba, baobab and evening primrose help the formation of silky, smooth to the touch skin feeling. The extracts of coneflower, alaria and corallina algae su..
100.06 € 80.05 €
Organic Evening Primrose-Coneflower Eye Contour Cr...
-20 %
Model: BIOLA813EN15
This quick absorbing cream is recommended for the delicate eye contour area; it effectively hydrates, vitalises and nourishes the skin. It is suitable even under makeup. The extracts of the evening primrose, hop, perilla and eyebright, cocoa butter, the derivatives of hyaluronic acid as well as the ..
23.66 € 18.93 €
-20 %
Model: RES020EN15
This Organic Goji & Alaria Time Control Serum designed to hydrate, vitalise and beautify the dry skin. You can use it around the eyes, on the face, the neck and the décolleté and also under your make up. You can use it even on sensitive skin! Packed with carefully selected natural ingredients an..
28.08 € 22.46 €
Organic Goji-Yam A. A. Beautifying Serum (66%+ Dem...
Label -20 %
Model: OLYS929EN15
Skin nourishing serum that supports softening the visible effects of ageing. Rich in bioactive ingredients and anti-oxidant vitamins, essential fatty acids and phytosterols that help the active restructuring processes of the skin. The curcuma and fenu-greek extracts, along with Licht-Yam root leave ..
50.08 € 40.06 €
Organic Jojoba-Yam Nourishing And Lifting Cream (D...
Label -20 %
Model: OLYS911EN50
This is a quickly absorbing nourishing and moisturizing daytime cream with herbal extracts for supporting usefully fresh skin state. The serum’s and eye contour creams with hyaluronic acid filling effect are supported by hibiscus-, yam-. goji herbal extracts of the cream.Application: Apply a thin la..
45.22 € 36.18 €
Organic Linden Hand & Body Nourishing Balm - 5...
-20 %
Model: BIOLA805EN50
This complex skin care balm for every skin type contains herbal extracts and nourishing oils which support skin regeneration. It also contains vitamin A, E and B3 together with allantoin and yarrow extract. Linseed, linden and Jerusalem artichoke extracts support long term moisturised skin. Perilla,..
7.59 € 6.07 €
Organic Perilla-Rose Rejuvenating Serum (66%+ Deme...
Label -20 %
Model: OLYS902EN15
It contains a vast array of bioactive agents with the extracts of antioxidant perilla, asparagus and rosemary. The extract of marygold as well as the vitamins E, B3, B5 and C support the skin regeneration. The extracts of coriander and hibiscus help the active skin restructuring processes along with..
51.85 € 41.48 €
Organic Pomegranate Daytime Hydrating Face Cream -...
-20 %
Model: BIOLA827EN30
The oils of pomegranate seed, jojoba and evening primrose support the skin's lipid metabolism to make the skin feel silky smooth. The skin toning antioxidant and hydrating bioactive components enhance the formation of fresh and firm skin condition. It does not contain any apitherapy (honey bee) ingr..
31.13 € 24.90 €
Organic Quince-Stevia Face Cream - 30 ml
-20 %
Model: BIOLA809EN30
The skin nourishing oils together with jojoba oil help to the lipid metabolism of the skin making it smooth to the touch. The extracts of quince and red clover as well as the  vitamins support the skin’s restructuring processes. Natural essential oils provide its discrete scent. Herb extracts a..
29.46 € 23.57 €
Organic Quince-Stevia Face Cream - 50 ml
Label -20 %
Model: OLYS910EN50
Essential fatty acids of the skin nourishing oils found in this organic daytime cream together with jojoba & avocado oils aid the lipid metabolism of the skin making it smooth to the touch. The extracts of quince-, stevia and red clover as well as the vitamins support the skin’s restructuring pr..
41.97 € 33.58 €
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