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Skintype test

Which products are the optimal choices for my skintype? Please click to our skin type test and use the results as help for the right decision.

1. If you rinse your skin with water, do you feel it tight and tense?

 A.) No
 B.) Yes, on certain parts of my face.
 C.) Seldom.
 D.) All the time.

2. How does your skin feel when touched?

 A.) Oily on the whole face.
 B.) Oily in the T-zone – forehead, nose and chin, but on other parts of my face it is supple or dry and rough to the touch.
 C.) Supple and smooth all over the face.
 D.) If I take care of my skin regularly it is supple, but if I don’t it becomes dry and rough to the touch.

3. Does your skin feel oily?

 A.) Yes, on the whole face.
 B.) Yes, it is shiny but only in the T-zone – forehead, nose and chin.
 C.) Seldom.
 D.) No, never.

4. Where do you have wrinkles?

 A.) Nowhere (e.g. I am young).
 B.) On some drier parts of my skin (e.g. around the eyes).
 C.) Nowhere - my skin is perfect.
 D.) Overall on my skin, predominantly around the eyes, mouth and on the forehead.

Supplementary questions:

1. Are there visible red spots, dilated blood vessels? Does stress cause blushing on your face? If yes, your skin is sensitive or inflamed or prone to inflammation. In this case we recommend using products for rosacea-prone skin or sensitive skin.
2. Are there any visible brown moles on the face? (No freckles, but larger moles on bigger areas) If so, we recommend using lightscreen and brightening products and ask your beautician.

Skin type cosmetic recommendation (Derma page)