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Brand: BIOLA Model: BIOLA598 250ML HU
GREEN POWER SHOWER gel "A family favourite"• bioactive herbal extracts help skin regeneration95.11% of agricultural ingredients originate from certified organic productionThis shower gel is made of gentle cleansing materials that ensures pleasant refreshing feeling skin. Its fresh fragrance is suppo..
17.25 €
Gently and effectively cleans even sensitive skin types using skin friendly sugar tensides. The yarrow and licorice extracts plus gylcerine help preserve healthy balanced skin resulting in skin feeling pleasant to the touch. The allantoin, essential oils of lemon balm and eucalyptus along with vitam..
16.92 €
Brand: BIOLA Model: BIOLA522EN50
This gel is perfect for irritated gums. Recommended also for children since, it naturally helps strengthen even most sensitive gums. The essential oil of grapefruit and the extract of lemon balm provide proper oral hygiene and fresh breath. The extract of coneflower and chamomile help regenerate ora..
6.74 €
Brand: BIOLA Model: NAT172HUEN50
• for hydrating combination and seborrheic skinSkin care that hydrates combination and seborrheic skin. The antioxidants and vitamins help prevent and mitigate skin pigmentation problems. The cornflower, yarrow, green tea and sea buckthorn extract active agents; biotin, bakuchiol, vitamins E, B3 sup..
27.18 €
Brand: BIOLA Model: NAT003EN100
• with herb extracts known to support skin and nail regeneration• with vitamin B3 and panthenol• with skin nourishing oilsThe beneficial skin softening oils, herb extracts, vitamins and lanolin contribute to long-lasting hand care. It is especially recommended for skin prone to chapping, and for dry..
8.93 €
Brand: BIOLA Model: NAT014EN250
Skin soothing active agents are especially recommended for babies and sensitive skinned children, but also for adults as well.Dermatologically tested Let bath time be a fun experience for the smallest ones as well! Naturissimo’s cream foam bath is additive free, thanks to its ingredients it gently c..
11.56 €
Brand: BIOLA Model: BIOLA820EN150
BIOLA's organic lavender baby bath herbal extracts gently cleans sensitive baby skin and fine baby hair without drying it out.With purple coneflower and jerusalem artichoke extract and Vitamin B5Thanks to the valuable organic jojoba oil formula, it can easily be spread on the body, making skin silky..
11.77 €
Model: NAT097HUEN10
LIP SHIELD BALM Balm made with tamanu, pequi, argan, evening primrose and grape seed oils, shea and tucuma butter, marigold extract and vitamin E support the sensitive skin regeneration.Application:  Apply a thin layer approx. 0,2-0,3 g and spread evenly onto cleansed lips. *= the ing..
6.36 €
It uses gentle sugar tensides to effectively clean even the most sensitive skin. The biodynamic jojoba oil and wheat extracts nourish your skin and help it become smooth and fresh. Biodynamic chamomile, cornflower and lemon balm ensure proper skin hygiene.66%+ demeter ingredients 81% certified organ..
19.31 €
Brand: BIOLA Model: BIOLA563EN200
Sensitive skin regeneration supporting herbal extracts, S.L.S and S.L.E.S freeBIOLA's baby bath formula contains organic marigold that gently cleans sensitive baby skin and delicate baby hair without drying it out. Thanks to the valuable organic jojoba oils, this formula can eaily be spread, making ..
14.47 €
Even men with sensitive skin can enjoy shaving!With skin-friendly glucoside surfactants, it properly softens hairs, using a pump and propellant-free foam. Mint, eucalyptus and vetiver essential oils as well as menthol help to maintain a hygienic skin condition and to create a fresh feeling skin. Cha..
14.80 €
Brand: BIOLA Model: BIOLA919EN150
Goodbye greasy, drandruff hair! With its active ingredients, it restores the scalp's natural balance and harmonizes sebum production for comfortable and clean feeling scalp. This shampoo, is recommended for thoroughly cleaning hair and scalp that easily gets oily/greasy. It is made with active ..
16.49 €
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