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Brand: BIOLA Model: BIOLA531EN100
This cream contains allantoin, vitamins E and B5 as well the extracts of coneflower and yarrow; these two are known for their skin soothing and skin regenerating properties. The green wheat juice, which is rich in antioxidants, the vitamin B5, zinc oxide and beeswax are beneficially recommended in b..
9.45 €
Brand: BIOLA Model: BIOLA571EN75
A complex skin care product which contains skin regenerating herbal extracts and oils of tamanu, jojoba and sesame as well as cocoa butter. It also contains allantoin and vitamins E, C and B5, as well as the extracts of purple conefl ower, marigold, sea buckthorn and lemon balm. The hydrated skin co..
13.11 €
Brand: BIOLA Model: BIOLA557EN30
This facial gel is recommended for all skin types; it contributes to the hydration and formation of even skin which is affected by hyperpigmentation and freckles. The bioactive agents of the extracts of edelweiss, as well as the seed extract of malt and vitamin B3 advantageously influence the reduct..
39.57 €
The easily absorbable beneficial oils support lipid metabolism of the epithelium; they also help the formation of silky and smooth to the touch skin feeling. The extracts of primrose, centella and green tea together with the antioxidant components and the cell regeneration supporting Scutellaria aid..
124.75 €
Brand: BIOLA Model: BIOLA813EN15
This quick absorbing cream is recommended for the delicate eye contour area; it effectively hydrates, vitalises and nourishes the skin. It is suitable even under makeup. The extracts of the evening primrose, hop, perilla and eyebright, cocoa butter, the derivatives of hyaluronic acid as well as the ..
23.66 €
The shea and cocoa butters together with argan, evening primrose and jojoba oils protect the lips. The substances of Italian strawflower (Everlasting) together with the antioxidants of rosemary and stevia extracts help to protect the skin from aging processes caused by sunlight. Tea tree oil, piper ..
11.70 €
Brand: BIOLA Model: BIOLA812EN50
This quick absorbing night cream helps the skin’s restructuring processes during night; they are supported by the extracts of fenugreek, basil, marjoram extracts, and multivitamin complex and mineral salts. The beneficial skin nourishing oils and the essential oils of rose and orange help the format..
36.33 €
Organic Ginkgo & Reishi Recovery Face Cream (Dermatologically Tested) - 30 ml
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Brand: DR.GANOLIFE Model: RES012EN30
An easily absorbable facial cream which is enriched by skin soothing and skin regeneration supporting agents. The herbal extract of Peucedanum and the mushroom extract of Ganoderma lucidum together with the multivitamin complex contribute to a balanced skin regenerating process. The skin tone suppor..
29.98 €
Skin nourishing serum that supports softening the visible effects of ageing. Rich in bioactive ingredients and anti-oxidant vitamins, essential fatty acids and phytosterols that help the active restructuring processes of the skin. The curcuma and fenu-greek extracts, along with Licht-Yam root leave ..
50.08 €
Brand: BIOLA Model: BIOLA505EN100
This skin regenerating oil is containing marigold and yarrow extracts plus herb extracts from organic production. It is highly recommended to help nourish the baby’s sensitive skin and to use for the massage of baby and young children. It also ensures effective skin nourishment for ve..
9.38 €
This night cream is easily absorbed; enriched in shea butter and essential oils of jojoba and nigella. The immortelle is well-known in anti-ageing skin care; that together with the almond milk, coriander, hibiscus, goji and licorice help the formation of young looking skin condition.Application: Thi..
49.24 €
Brand: BIOLA Model: BIOLA521EN50
The organic essential oils of teatree and eucalyptus as well as m entho l help to maintain the hygienic skin condition. The extracts of calendula and sage and the shea butter contribute to sensitive skin care.Application: Apply evenly 0.5-1 ml cream deodorant on the target area.Avoid eye contact!ING..
12.31 €
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