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It gently cleans the skin. The essential oils of peppermint and eucalyptus provide an aromatherapy experience especially beneficial in the winter months. The hyssop and camomile extracts as well as the essential oils of rosemary and muscatel sage are advantageous for anyone with aching or tired join..
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Brand: BIOLA Model: BIOLA829EN75
This sun protection cream provides medium sun protection. It contains antioxidants which protect your skin from sun damage and premature ageing.Application: apply thinly (36-40 g/for an adult’s whole body) on slightly wet skin 5-10 minutes before sunbathing. Re-apply after swimming to renew the part..
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Reishi & Purple Conflower Baby Bath - 150 ml
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Brand: DR.GANOLIFE Model: RES009EN150
A gentle skin cleansing baby bubble bath. It is made with the herb extracts of coneflower and marigold plus vitamin B5, which contributes to hair building and epidermis regeneration. It also contains extracts of coneflower and lavender as well as skin nourishing jojoba oil.Application: evenly pour 2..
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Reishi & Teatree Oil Toothpaste - 75 ml
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Brand: DR.GANOLIFE Model: RES005HUEN75
Tea tree oil, lemon and mint essential oils provide proper oral hygiene and fresh breath. Ganoderma mushroom, echinacea and camomile extract help regenerate your mucous membrane and gums. It gently polishes your teeth and reduces plaque and tartar buildup.Application: put 1-2 cm3 toothpaste onto you..
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Reishi After Sun Balm - 100 ml
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Brand: DR.GANOLIFE Model: RES004ENHU100
This after sun balm hydrates and effectively supports skin soothing and regeneration. For all skin types, even for the skin exposed to environmental damage.Application: Thinly apply onto the cleansed but damp skin after sunbathing or solarium tanning.*= ingredients (in INCI) marked with * are from c..
12.67 €
Reishi Shower Gel (Natural) - 200 ml
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Brand: DR.GANOLIFE Model: RES006EN200
Special gentle skin care components of this shower cream cleans even the sensitive skin very effectively. Vitamin B3 and B5, nettle and allantoin contribute to skin regeneration. It also contains Ganoderma lucidum (Lingzhi or Reishi) mushroom which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and y..
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Reishi Sport Gel - 75 ml
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Brand: DR.GANOLIFE Model: RES018EN75
This skin care cream contains extracts of reishi mushroom, yarrow and frankincense.Application: apply 2-3 times over the target joints and muscles.Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. Do not apply to open wounds or damaged skin.*= ingredients (in INCI) marked with * are from certified organ..
12.79 €
Its especially gentle surfactants cleanse the skin effectively; it provides a fresh and full of life skin feeling. It contains vitamins B3 and B5, chamomile, rosemary, marygold, hyssop and lemon balm extracts to contribute to skin regeneration.Application: Using a walnut sized (4-5 cm3) ammmount at ..
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Rosemary-Reishi Regenerating Shampoo (70% organic) - 500 ml
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Brand: DR.GANOLIFE Model: RES007EN500
For the extremely sensitive hairy skin to support skin regeneration and hair growth. After surgeries or after wound healing it is the firstly suggested cosmetic shampoo.Applicaion: Apply a 5-7 ml sized amount to a wet hair, massage in and rinse off. Please use it regularly if your hair use to h..
30.72 €
Rosemary-Reishi Regenerating Shampoo - 150 ml
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Brand: DR.GANOLIFE Model: RES007EN150
This organic shampoo is recommended for the delicate scalp and also for the damaged hair. You can also use it as the first cosmetic shampoo right after surgeries and wound healing. The gentle ingredients can support healthy scalp and stronger follicles when using it regularly.Applicaion: Apply ..
13.05 €
A fruit acid based chemical and mechanical peeling for all skin types to remove aged surface layers of the skin.Application: Apply a medium thick layer to already cleansed wet skin, gently massaging in a circular motion. Rinse off thoroughly after 8-10 minutes.INGREDIENTS (INCI): VITIS VINIFERA..
28.11 €
This quickly absorbed AFTER SHAVE BALM helps soothe and regenerate the dry and sensitive skin types. It contains extracts of asparagus and chamomile as well as organic menthol, which soothes and provides the proper skin hygienic condition. The extracts of sea buckthorn, oil tree leaf, hibiscus and r..
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