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Brand: BIOLA Model: BIOLA562EN50
The extracts of coneflower and marigold contribute to skin regeneration together with the vitamin E and allantoin. The essential oils of tea tre e and eucaly ptus as well as menthol support to maintain the hygienic skin condition.Application: Apply a thin layer on the target area of armpit by using ..
13.75 €
Brand: BIOLA Model: BIOLA809EN30
The skin nourishing oils together with jojoba oil help to the lipid metabolism of the skin making it smooth to the touch. The extracts of quince and red clover as well as the  vitamins support the skin’s restructuring processes. Natural essential oils provide its discrete scent. Herb extracts a..
29.46 €
Brand: BIOLA Model: BIOLA560EN30
This so-called dry skin oil is easily absorbable to support the radiant beautiful appearance. It is made of marigold, solidago and sage extracts; they support skin regeneration. The skin nourishing oils of argan, inchi and plum kernel as well as the evening primrose and jojoba oils help th..
34.69 €
Brand: BIOLA Model: BIOLA517EN7
The oils of argan, baobab, avocado, evening primrose and jojoba nourish and protect the lips, while the essential oil of tea tree supports the formation of the proper skin hygienic condition. The retinyl palmitate, the vitamins E and B5 help the active skin regeneration. The extract of coriander and..
14.25 €
Brand: BIOLA Model: BIOLA828EN100
This skin care tonic supports the refreshing and tonifying of the sensitive, dry skin types by using herb extracts and hydrating ingredients. It contains vitamins C, B5, E as well as stellaria extract for the epidermis regeneration. This tonic is enriched by the rose essential oil and licorice extra..
11.44 €
Brand: BIOLA Model: BIOLA804EN100
This body spray provides fresh and deodorised skin feeling which help reduce sweating. Essential oils of tea tree, eucalyptus, lemon balm and mint contribute to preserve hygienic skin condition.Application: 2-3 times spray to the target armpit area.Avoid contact with eyes. Keep locked up and out of ..
15.06 €
Brand: BIOLA Model: BIOLA911EN50
With skin-friendly skin cleansers, it properly softens the hairs, using a propellant-free foaming. The perfume of this foam only based on herbal essential oils as well as menthol to help to maintain a hygienic skin condition and to create a fresh skin feeling. Chamomile and marigold extracts known f..
15.76 €
Brand: BIOLA Model: BIOLA922EN200
This shower gel made of mild skin-friendly skin cleansers provides pleasant refreshment. Tamanu- and macadamia skin nourishing oils together with horehound-, coneflower-, sage-, chamomile-, verbena- and rosemary extracts support the formation of a harmonic skin condition. Ideal shower gel of your co..
14.28 €
Brand: BIOLA Model: BIOLA808EN100
A hydrating facial tonic for sensitive skin with herb extracts to refresh and tone your skin as well as support skin regeneration. The extracts of lemon balm and lemon basil together with the agents of stellaria, Jerusalem artichoke and camomile support the skin’s natural defenses. The product conta..
10.40 €
Brand: BIOLA Model: BIOLA512EN75
The skin friendly surfactants effectively cleanse and make the sensitive and oily-problematic skin types better hydrated. It is completed by the linseed extract. Thanks to the mixture of natural essential oils it has a discrete and fresh scent contributing to the proper skin hygienic condition and s..
9.23 €
Brand: BIOLA Model: BIOLA822EN75
Proper oral hygiene and fresh breath are supported by the essential oils of eucalyptus, lemon and peppermint. The purple coneflower, common horehound and camomile extracts plus Vitamin E and B5 help to regenerate the mucosa and the gums. It gently polishes the teeth and can reduce plaque and tartar ..
9.16 €
Brand: BIOLA Model: BIOLA829EN75
This sun protection cream provides medium sun protection. It contains antioxidants which protect your skin from sun damage and premature ageing.Application: apply thinly (36-40 g/for an adult’s whole body) on slightly wet skin 5-10 minutes before sunbathing. Re-apply after swimming to renew the part..
21.02 €
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